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SPORTSFIELD Planning Guide - (New Edition) Volume III, Issue I

SPORTSFIELD Planning Guide - (New Edition) Volume III, Issue I

The Most Popular planning guide ever offered by SODA since 1981. This “New” Edition is chuck full of the basics needed to construct and operate an Amateur Sports Facility This 108 page book covers many amateur sports and the field layouts needed to offer these programs. A Must Have For Beginners...

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SPORTSFIELD Planning Guide - (New Edition) Volume III, Issue I

The Sports Field Planning Guide (Original), Volume II, Issue I

The Sports Field Planning Guide (Original), Volume II, Issue I

A Must Have For Beginners. Contains sample layouts for six types of fields and various configurations. Includes Construction Recommendations and Safety Standards. Also, a primer on facility financing. Closeout Price!

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The Sports Field Planning Guide (Original), Volume II, Issue I

Managing Sport Facilities 4th Edition With Web Study Guide

Managing Sport Facilities, Fourth Edition With Web Study Guide, merges the historical and theoretical foundations of the sport facility industry with real-world challenges and insights to create an engaging, modern guide for effective sport facility management. This updated edition provides a comprehensive knowledge base for the wide-ranging duties of sport facility managers and prepares students to enter the field ready to confront the responsibilities they will face on the job.

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Managing Sport Facilities 3rd Edition eBook

Managing Sport Facilities, Third Edition, continues the tradition set by its predecessors of providing future and current sport facility managers with the knowledge they need in order to make the proper decisions in all areas of facility management. Like the previous two versions, the third edition provides a comprehensive understanding of crafting a career in running a sport facility.

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The Sport Business Handbook

If you love sports and are fascinated by business dealings in this trillion-dollar global industry, then this is the anthology you’ve been waiting for. The Sport Business Handbook: Insights From 100+ Leaders Who Shaped 50 Years of the Industry provides insider perspectives from more than 100 of the biggest names in the sport business industry. Plentiful examples and stories, including insiders’ views of major sports deals, make this book a bible of information for those looking to begin or advance a career in the field or for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes intricacies of sport business.

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Recreation Facility Management With Web Resource

Recreation Facility Management introduces the field of facility design, management, and maintenance. The text includes a detailed look at the foundations of the profession, descriptions of the common indoor and outdoor elements of facilities, and the practical knowledge and skills required for managing various types of recreation facilities.

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Beyond the Scoreboard: An Insider’s Guide to the Business of Sport

Rick Horrow, America’s leading expert in sport business, and coauthor Karla Swatek give fans an inside look at the multibillion-dollar world of professional sport. Packed with information from industry insiders, Beyond the Scoreboard reveals the true movers and shakers while looking at the forces driving this lucrative business.

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Sport Club Management

Sport Club Management provides readers with the knowledge and tools necessary for running a sport club like a business.

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Managing Risk in Sport and Recreation

Sport risk management is a key component of any sport and recreation program. To run a successful program, not only do you have to look after the safety and well-being of your participants, but you also need to protect the best interests of your organization. Managing Risk in Sport and Recreation: The Essential Guide for Loss Prevention provides all the tools you need in order to design a comprehensive risk management plan that fits the needs of your organization. Written specifically for sport and recreation professionals by an attorney with over 20 years of experience in insurance defense litigation, the book combines information on law, insurance, and sports to give you a complete view of all of the issues involved in assessing, controlling, and financing your risks.

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Applied Sport Management Skills 3rd Edition With Web Study Guide

Applied Sport Management Skills, Third Edition With Web Study Guide, takes a unique and effective approach to teaching students how to become strong leaders and managers in the world of sport. Organized around the central management functions—planning, organizing, leading, and controlling—this third edition addresses the Common Professional Component topics outlined by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA).

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Security Management for Sports and Special Events

Security Management for Sports and Special Events supports the planning, implementation, and communication of security and emergency plans to staff and game-day hires, as well as the assessment of emergency preparation.

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Managing Sport Events 2nd Edition With Web Resource

Running a successful sporting event—whether it’s a local event, state championship, or international competition—requires the knowledge and skills to plan, organize, promote, lead, and communicate effectively. Managing Sport Events, Second Edition With Web Resource, will prepare readers to manage events with ease, guiding them through the entire process, from event conception to postevent evaluation.

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Athletic Director’s Desk Reference

Athletic Director’s Desk Reference is the most authoritative and comprehensive resource available for collegiate athletic administrators. This book and web resource guide program administrators in navigating their increasingly complex roles in athletic programs of any size.

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Understanding Sport Organizations, Second Edition

Understanding Sport Organizations: The Application of Organization Theory, Second Edition, a new edition of a ground-breaking text, continues to give readers a strong foundation in organization theory and application of that theory by providing a real-world context to all its issues. It engages readers by providing opportunities to discover the theory in practice through use of profiles, case studies, and examples of sport organizations in each chapter.

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Risk Management in Sport and Recreation

Risk Management in Sport and Recreation is a comprehensive resource for those charged with the responsibility of providing for the safety of participants and spectators in a sport or recreation setting. It covers a range of safety issues, including lightning, heat illness, aquatics, playground safety, drug testing, and medical emergency action plans. Readers receive clear and detailed explanations of issues to consider before making decisions on risk management.

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Sport Marketing 4th Edition With Web Study Guide

This text maintains its position as the best-selling and original text in the field, continuing to direct students to a better understanding of the theoretical backbone that makes sport marketing such a unique and vibrant subject to study.

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Organizing Successful Tournaments-4th Edition

Create great schedules in minutes! Organizing Successful Tournaments contains the tools for structuring, scheduling, and administering leagues and tournaments. All types of competitions are covered: single and double elimination, multilevel, ladder, pyramid, level rotation, and round-robin. Includes web access to over 2,700 customizable templates.

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Introduction to Sport Law With Case Studies in Sport Law-2nd Edition

Introduction to Sport Law With Case Studies in Sport Law, Second Edition, provides students with comprehensive information on the fundamental legal issues in sport and sport management using a jargon-free approach that is accessible to readers with little or no legal background. The content covers legal and management matters most commonly found in sport management, including liability issues, protecting the legal rights of athletes and employees, and managing legal risk. These texts contain straightforward examples and case studies that deliver timely information to ground sport law theory in practical applications.

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Sport Promotion and Sales Management-2nd Edition

As more sport management programs are incorporating sales into their curriculum, Sport Promotion and Sales Management, Second Edition, enters the field as a much-needed resource. With this text, students will prepare for careers in the industry, and professionals will learn best practices by discovering how to sell inventory ranging from tickets to sponsorship, prepare a sales force, retain and upsell existing products to customers, use sponsorships as a sales incentive, and service and activate sponsorships.

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Sport Finance 4th Edition With Web Resource

Sport Finance, Fourth Edition With Web Resource, grounds students in the real world of financial management in sport, showing them how to apply financial concepts and appreciate the importance of finance in establishing sound sport management practices. Utilizing a modern and practical approach, the text encourages students to take a strategic organizational perspective in learning financial skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind the principles of sport finance.

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Contemporary Leadership in Sport Organizations

Contemporary Leadership in Sport Organizations blends research on leadership with practical application of the skills and knowledge that students will need on the job. This text provides sport management students with a comprehensive understanding of the complex topic of leadership in sport through a presentation of foundational and contemporary research, numerous practical examples and analytical exercises, and thought-provoking self-assessments and quotes.

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Fundamentals of Sport Management

Engaging and reader friendly, Fundamentals of Sport Management addresses the foundations of the field for students and professionals. It provides real-world examples and career opportunities in the exciting world of sport management.

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