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This Weeks Field Tips From Beacon Athletics !

This Weeks Field Tips From Beacon Athletics !

April 4, 2016        |         |


If after a rain you decide that you need to deeply nail drag or scarify your infield to dry it out, you’d better be very careful. By doing so you have just introduced a lot of pore space (air space) into the top layer of your infield. If you get another rain later that day your field will likely be even more soft afterwards as the rain water will find a home in all of that pore space. If you feel you have to be aggressive to dry out your field, then it would be advisable to go back and roll that infield firm again right after you dry it out and drag it. Always remember, the more firm your infield skin is, the easier it is to recuperate after a rain.

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Another season is upon us, and we’re ready. If you’re in the Madison-Middleton area come out tomorrow for Beacon’s Opening Day Celebration, Tuesday, April 5, from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm. Come by for a tailgating cookout (brats, soda & chips) & more.  Beacon Athletics, 8233 Forsythia St., Suite 120, Middleton, Wisconsin. RSVP NOW!


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