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Qualite Sports Lighting’s Q-LED System™ is First LED to Light A California Rec & Park Sports Field !


   The Q-LED System by Qualite Sports Lighting was chosen to replace an old metal halide system at Solari Park in San Jose, CA.

   Qualite’s energy efficient Q-LED System was chosen to be the first LED retrofit project for any California Rec & Park field lighting project. Solari Park officials worked with Qualite Sports Lighting to find an energy efficient and budget-friendly solution to provide much needed lighting for their project. By using their existing poles, Qualite was able to replace the old metal halide fixtures with 22 – 1000w LED fixtures, increasing light levels and reducing energy and maintenance costs.

   Because Solari Park is located in an urban area of San Jose, light cut-off was a feature necessary to neighborhood acceptance. The Q-LED System is prewired and pre-aimed to strategically direct light onto the field, and away from surrounding neighborhoods. Mike Tonis, Qualite Sales Manager, states, “This project really highlights the suitability of LED for Rec & Park Fields. Solari Park is a perfect illustration of how Qualite’s Q-LED retrofit can be a perfect lighting choice for community budgets, both for energy efficiency and maintenance-free ownership.

About Qualite Sports Lighting

   Qualite has been the Sports Lighting Partner for High Schools, Colleges, Parks and Recreational Departments, and Minor and Major League Professional Sports Franchises for 30 years. In addition, Qualite has partnered with an LED Manufacturer to provide the highest quality LED technology systems for sports facilities, including the host stadium to the 2015 Super Bowl, as well as High School, College and Park & Rec Fields across the US. Qualite’s Q-LED System is the most Energy-Efficient, Highest Lumen Output LED Lighting Solution in the Sports Lighting Industry.SODALogo_v3


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