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NSA Softball Tournament to Generate $2.2 Million !


   Evansville, IN. leaders saying the city paid a relatively small amount for the World Series tournament to be in the Tri-State next summer, a small amount expected to make more than 100 times the down payment. It’s a collaborative effort between Owensboro and Evansville. It’s expected to bring nearly 9,000 people to the area.

This will be the biggest sporting event Evansville and Owensboro has ever seen. With 40% of all hotel rooms in Owensboro already blocked off and a 1,000 rooms in Evansville, officials say it’s a deal that will bring both communities quite a bit of revenue.

More than 200 softball teams will round the bases of the Deaconess Sports Park in Evansville and Owensboro’s Jack C. Fisher Park in July 2016. A World Series is coming to the Tri-State and it’s generating a lot of revenue for Evansville and Owensboro.

“We paid $20,000 to NSA and then we are responsible for all of the logistical things that will take place,” says Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Bob Warren. 

Warren says the tournament at Deaconess Sports Park provides two things: economic development and a better quality of life.

“We’re providing that quality of life to Evansville and Vanderburgh County and the Deaconess Sports Park is returning us a return on our investment,” he said.  

The Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau is investing $50,000. This will help pay personnel and organize entertainment functions. When it’s all said and done, they’ll be making a lot more. 

“We will see a $2.2 million return on that investment,” Warren said. 

With all those people, you’ve got to have a place for them to sleep.

“The new sports complex being added I think is definitely helping the economy in our area for hotels and commerce just to be able to start to capture some of that additional revenue,” Holiday Inn Manager Stacie Vercellino said. 

Warren says the profit will be split two ways. Both communities will get a major return on their investment, all within seven days. 

“That means a lot to both communities,” Warren said. “They’ll be sharing in some of the financial burden on this as well.”

Deals like this are what Bob Warren hopes The Convention and Visitors Bureau will continue to make.

There are 24 hotels in Evansville and Owensboro that have agreed to block off rooms. There are 15 in Evansville and 9 in Owensboro.



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