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New Protector Flush System Halts Catastrophic Toilet Leaks !


Aqua Mizer, Inc. introduces the Protector Fill Valve with Adjustable Flush System providing dramatic toilet leak protection and daily water efficiencies.

[Sarasota, FL – April, 2014]  Aqua Mizer’s newest product is the patented and patent pending Protector Fill Valve AM1007.  The Protector will turn off the fill valve in the event of a runaway leak where water runs uncontrolled out of the tank, and the tank cannot refill. If the flapper gets stuck, the tank cracks, the bowl clogs, or some other problem occurs, and water is running uncontrolled, the system will turn off the incoming water in under a minute. This could prevent untold amounts of water being wasted, and more importantly, save tens of thousands of dollars in flood damage, and even much more if you live in a multistory building.
The Protector Fill Valve is the only device on the market that will prevent a catastrophic flood caused by leaks of this nature. When combined with the features and benefits of the Adjustable Flapper, the first innovation launched by Aqua Mizer, Inc., this new system overcomes all problems inherent in toilet tank flush products. It prevents insidious leaks, stops catastrophic flooding, reduces flush volume, and increases flush velocity to ensure a complete bowl clearing with just one flush.

  • A patented fill valve that prevents stealthy leaks and keeps 75,000 gallons of water from flowing into your toilet bowl and going down the drain.
  • A design that includes zero internal metal parts to corrode or clog.
  • An adjustable flapper that flushes with less water and more velocity, allowing one strong flush instead of two or three weaker flushes to clear the bowl.
  • A sediment filter that is easily removed for cleaning.
  • A 10-year warranty on the fill valve and five years on the flapper.


1.5 Trillion Gallons of Water!

The EPA and the American Waterworks Association tell us that this much water is wasted each year just in the USA by faulty, leaking toilets. According to their research, at any given time 20% of all tank toilets in the U.S. are leaking.

As yet there has been no formal means of addressing this prevalent water loss. The government focuses on mandating low-flow toilets saving 1/2 gallon of water per flush (about 3,000 gallons/year), but that’s a drop in the toilet compared to 75,000 – 200,000 gallons from just from one undetected leaky toilet.

The flush segment of the toilet bowl industry is dominated by a handful of players that offer basic products that flush toilets, but do not effectively reduce water consumption. The new Protector System is a break-through product unlike anything available on the market.

“Few realize the incredible amount of water wasted by the insidious toilet leak,” says Aqua Mizer Vice President Michael Sisti. “We’re already seeing a response from property managers and hotel administrators to this inexpensive toilet flush system that will not only prevent a quiet leak, but also protect their buildings from serious damage.”

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