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New offerings arrive at the concession stand !


FJI offers a select roundup of new products and innovations that are making the movie concession stand more diverse and exciting.

American International Concession Products

American International Concession Products (AICP) introduces Sour Patch Kids Tropical, the first new Sour Patch flavor assortment in over six years. The tropical flavor assortment is huge among teens. Sour Patch Tropical recently launched in a 3.5-oz. theatre and 5-oz. peg bag.  If you’re interested, reach out to Steve Sciortino by e-mail at or by phone at (800) 401-2427, ext. 706.

Churchill Container

The new plastic mason jars from Churchill Container exude a nostalgia and authenticity that’s both humble and sophisticated at the same time. They feature a sturdy shatter-resistant design with glass-like clarity and high-definition graphics. They’re available in four sizes, from a pint to a quart! (


Cinema Scene and GoldenLink continue to bring innovation to their Licensed Movie Promotions, with the launch of their newest promotional product in conjunction with Warner Bros.’ fall blockbuster Justice League.

Cinema Scene and GoldenLink are also bringing more excitement to the concession stand with innovative Hexagon-Shaped Movie Graphic Drink Bottles.

To find out more about Cinema Scene’s full range of high-quality promotions and concessions items, contact Lacey Gruenebaum at

C. Cretors & Co.

Poppi XL from Cretors is a compact industrial counter model that air-pops popcorn. Since no oil is used in the process, food costs are reduced and finished product shelf life is increased. It’s a healthier alternative, with less mess and minimal cleanup. Compact, easy to use, versatile and powerful, Poppi XL is at the forefront of popping innovation. Poppi XL has a 24-oz. hot-air popping capacity (twice the capacity of the original Poppi) with an approximate three-minute pop cycle. The easy-access motor with adjustable speed and digital temperature control creates optimal airflow for popping a variety of hybrid popcorn. (


Frappe Vino Frozen Cocktail Fusion Mix from d’marie is an all-natural powdered mix to turn any wine, champagne or hard liquor into a delicious and refreshing slush that your customers will be sure to enjoy. Frappe Vino has no flavor, which allows the flavors of the wines and liquors to shine through. The profit margins are excellent when selling these slushes by the glass. d’marie offers great pricing on frozen drink machines as well. Offer your customers the hottest cold new drink product on the market. Visit d’marie at booth 513 at the NAC Expo. (


EOMAC presents an exciting new product that not only complements your concession area, but the entire theatre design. Wood slatted light boxes are versatile and showcase the look of real wood while adding elegance to your lighting solutions. The view side of the panels are finished with a top-quality, hand-selected wood veneer and finished in a premium clear lacquer over a three-stage process, ensuring only the highest standard and durability. Come see how EOMAC wood slatted light boxes are an attractive addition to any cinema area. Visit booth #203 at the NAC Expo or


FanFood brings in-home comfort to the spectator experience. Their mobile ordering app lets fans have food and beverage delivered directly to their seat, maximizing their viewing experience. (


America’s #1 selling gummy worms, Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, are now available in theatres! Gummies are the fastest growing non-chocolate category, and the best way to capture that market is with the top-selling gummy worm. Ferrara’s peg bag leads the category.

Black Forest Organic, the best-tasting, fastest-growing organic gummy on the market, is bringing new consumers into the candy category. Consumers want more natural foods and Black Forest Organic delivers a USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, fat-free product without sacrificing taste. Come and taste both brands at Ferrara candy booth #310 at the NAC Expo. (

Gold Medal Products

A natural complement to cinema concession stands, gourmet popcorn enhances the moviegoing experience. The wide variety of flavors produces increased sales opportunities with profit margins of 70 to 80%. It’s not labor-intensive for employees. Customized set-up options include everything from standalone kiosks to integration with existing foodservice operations.

Discover Gold Medal’s full product line, including poppers, cooker mixers, tumblers, merchandisers and more. Plus, they offer a large variety of flavor options from cheese pastes to glazes and shake-on flavors. See a selection of their equipment on display at NAC, along with some delicious taste-testing! Explore the complete catalog online at


Award-winning Govino® is comprised of a flexible yet highly resilient BPA/BPS-free polymer, which reflects the color and projects the aromatics of all types of whiskies, bourbons and ryes, as well as all other spirits and cocktails. It’s a brilliant solution for all indoor and outdoor entertaining, providing function and convenience without sacrificing elegance. (

Great Western Products

Great Western Products’ hands-free popcorn bucketis auniquely shaped design variation on the original popcorn bucket. It fits into the cupholder of a movie theatre chair, eliminating the need to hold it.

Also from Great Western, Sunglo Premium Seasoning is the same Season-It Salt that you have loved for years. “Nature-All” seasoning salt, new for 2017, carries the same great taste, but color and flavor are derived from natural sources—meaning no artificial flavor and no Yellow #5 or Yellow #6. (


Haribo Gold-Bears, the Original Gummi Bear, are loved by children and adults worldwide. Invented in Germany in 1922, these chewy Bears are a delightful mix of pineapple, strawberry, lemon, orange and raspberry. Haribo Gold-Bears are not only the number-one-selling gummi bear, but also the number-two gummi brand. “Kids and Grown-Ups Love It So, The Happy World of Haribo!” (

Proctor Companies

At just 22”D x 26”W x 23”H, the XS Model is the smallest SelfCookingCenter unit offered by Rational and available from Proctor Companies. It comes standard with two roasting/baking trays, three grids, four stainless-steel containers and two perforated-steel containers. The unit features an integrated fresh-steam generator that guarantees maximum steam saturation even at low temperatures. For ease of operation, lights signal which trays are ready to be loaded/unloaded, and the steam generator automatically descales during the cleaning process. Contact Proctor Companies at 800-221-3699. (

Promotion in Motion

Sour Jacks® Soft and Chewy Sour Wedges will make your mouth pucker and sales soar! Sour Jacks® are available in a variety of pack sizes in four delicious flavors: Watermelon, Wildberry, Green Apple and Lemonade. Respect the Wedge!™ (

RCM Media

After nearly 25 years, aka a quarter of a century, RCM Media decided that the round printed tub had seen its day! The industry was ready for something different and RCM delivered.

The 170 Square Plastic Collector Tub has four unique panels which are a perfect vehicle to design a true movie graphic collectible that patrons really like, based on the success of the first several movie graphic themed tub programs. These include Guardians of the Galaxy, Fast 8, Transformers and most recently Despicable Me 3 and the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The Square IML can also be custom-printed with a theatre logo that is used for refill programs. In addition to the customized tubs, RCM recently designed and introduced a Cinema USA refill tub that is available now for the independent theatre owner. POS material is provided at no charge to the exhibitor to help theatres merchandise their refill programs. Refill programs are becoming more and more popular, as they are driving patrons to theatres to buy movie tickets and driving them to the concession stands, which is a win-win! (

Sassy by Nature

Sassy by Nature is a unique and delicious concession alternative featuring adult flavors—Bourbon Pecan, Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffle, Captain’s Rum Raisin and Cappuccino Kalua. Traditional flavors include Crazy Cake, Cookie Dough, Salty Caramel Praline and Chocalate Fantasia. While the adult line features liquor flavoring, minors can indulge, as it is not liquor-infused. It’s specially prepared by Working Cow Homemade, which has been producing since 1993 with butterfat content that is sure to please.

This incremental item has great profit margins and the timing is perfect for the wave of high-end reclining-style theatres, along with traditional ones. For more information, contact Steve Felperin at 561-413-5499.

Stone Gate Foods

Tater Kegs are what every tot would like to be when it grows up. Stuffed with bacon cheddar and chive, they will put a smile on the face of anyone who gives them a try. Also available in seven other great flavors including Buffalo Chicken, Crab, Southwest Chorizo, Breakfast and Reuben. They’re 1.5 ounce each and ready for your deep fryer. Tater Kegs are transforming the appetizer and side category. Finger food so delicious you feel like you have been taken to paradise and all of your troubles seem to be swept away. Get your Tater Kegs from Stone Gate Foods today! (


Building on its success in the cinema concession space with its distinctive soda cups and popcorn containers for such blockbusters as Guardians of Galaxy, Fate of the Furious and Spider-Man, Zinc has created a fun way to support your favorite sports team. Zinc’s mascot drink cups are designed to attract more patrons and increase your profit by creating excitement and adding value to your concession program. Fans are sure to love them !

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