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NEW ERA Nears For Sunny Lake Concessions Stand; Aurora Men In Charge !


Aurora, CO. — The concession stand at Sunny Lake Park will be upgraded next summer to provide a gourmet niche.

There will be a grill for hamburgers and a large ceramic smoker for items like smoked brisket and smoked pork.

“We’ll use the smoker for some of the bigger events so people will be able to get something more substantial to eat,” said David Lasky, who will operate Sunny Lake Events Services at the park’s concession stand along with Scott Holman. Both are Aurora residents.

That will be in addition to other concession stand items on sale throughout the summer, including Nathan’s hot dogs, ice cream, nachos, chips, pizza and pop.

The concession stand will be operational from April to October.

Lasky said the idea came from an effort by the parks-rec department to get food products delivered to the Sunny Lake fields.

Holman said it will be exciting to partner with the city, especially while doing it as parents.

“We have some great ideas,” he said. “We’ve seen what’s out there. We think ours will be pretty cool to show off. David and I are big advocates of Aurora.

“When we get to share with others what Aurora is, that’s a cool thing. We’re proud of what our city is.”

Holman said the concession stand will provide a convenience for people.

“Instead of going into town to get food, it will be great to have that facility for people to go to,” he said. “There are a lot of baseball families.”

Lasky said their vision is for the concession stand to be operated by Aurora residents, “so whoever works there is an integral part of our community. Most communities are proud of entrepreneurial spirit. Employing people from your community is important.

“Currently, when you rent a boat at the boat house pavilion, no food service is provided,” he said. “We also hope to provide catering options. There is a desire to have catering as part of the rental.”

Lasky said on the ballfield side, “we’ve gone to different concession stands operated by communities. We hope to have a higher quality of food than people have received at other concession stands.”

He said the ballfield concession stand will be open when games are scheduled, and the smoker will be there for larger events such as tournaments and for catering at the boat house.

Lasky said their group worked at the city’s recent fall festival.

“To have a simple food service there is something the community is excited about,” he said. “And to be able to have a dinner rather than a couple of hot dogs, people are excited about that, too.”

Lasky said he and Holman make a good team “between Scott’s experience in the food service industry and mine in the concession area.

“I worked for a sports service from Maryland that provided food for the Indians, Browns and Cavs,” he said.



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