Mesa, AZ opens new multi-use fields at Fiesta Sports Park !

multi_sports_layout#5Fiesta Sports Park, 936 S. Extension Road, was the site of a grand opening ceremony Nov. 29.

“Youth sports fields are always in short supply,” Mesa Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Director Marc Heirshberg said in a press release. “When we were putting together the proposal for the Parks Bond Project, one of the main goals was to provide more fields for our community.”

Fiesta Sports Park includes four new ball fields for youth baseball and softball and a multi-use field with bleachers.  The youth ballfields are in a quad layout with Cubs-branded signage and scoreboard, centralized concession and restroom area.  The ball field lights are lit by LED sports lights, which use less energy and light spill from traditional lighting.  The 17-acre park also includes a new playground with shade covering and enlarged parking lot.

“When Powell Junior High School closed and the city took over the property, we knew we had an opportunity to turn it into something great,” Vice Mayor Dennis Kavanaugh said in the release. “It was the perfect site for youth fields and now we have a fantastic new place for our kids to play. Thanks to the partnership between the City of Mesa, Mesa Public Schools, the Chicago Cubs and the Mesa HoHoKams, we are able to have this park for Mesa residents.”

The four ball fields are named after Cubs Hall of Fame players, Fergie Jenkins, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks and Billy Williams. The Billy Williams championship field has a turf infield and brick backstop to mimic Wrigley Field and Sloan Park. The Chicago Cubs Charities and the Mesa Hohokam Foundation donated $100,000 to sponsor Fiesta Sports Park.

“We are proud to be a partner at Fiesta Sports Park,” Chicago Cubs Spring Training General Manager Justin Piper said in the release. “All of our players started out on a youth ballfield similar to the ones at this facility.  It’s where they developed a deep passion for the game and the joy of playing a team sport.  I’m sure we’ll see some rising stars at Fiesta Sports Park, in years to come.”

“Mesa HoHoKams have always been a strong supporter of youth athletics,” President of Mesa HoHoKams Ron Duranti said in the release. “It’s a privilege for us to give back to our community through this park.  We hope to see young lives be transformed and developed through sports.”

Fiesta Sports Park was designed by J2 Engineering and Environmental Design.  Constructed by D.L. Withers Construction. The total cost for this project was $4.3 Million funded by the 2012 Parks Bond Project.  Fiesta Sports Park is open from sunrise to 10 p.m. For more information, visit the Mesa Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities website at

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