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Lindsay Sports Complex officially open to public !

Game on

Members of Lindsay High School’s JV girls soccer team hold out soccer balls in preparation for a free soccer clinic Saturday, Dec. 8 at the dedication of the Lindsay Sports Complex.

City Council celebrates with soccer clinic and fire truck dedication . . . . .

The fog and cold of Saturday morning didn’t diminish the high spirits of the Lindsay City Council, who celebrated the grand opening of the new Lindsay Sports Complex as well as the dedication of the city’s new fire truck.

The City Council teamed up with Lisa Davis, wellness, aquatics and recreation supervisor at the Lindsay Wellness Center, to plan the celebration, which was complete with a free soccer clinic for children and a fire truck parade.

Registration for the soccer clinic opened at 8 a.m., and throughout the hour many parents made the trip out to the park to sign up their children.

When the clock struck 9 a.m., a short parade began featuring a fire truck from 1914, which took the lead, followed by Lindsay’s brand new red fire engine and a fire patrol truck taking up the rear.

Sirens broke through the misty air as the line of trucks pulled in to the parking lot, stopping parallel to the audience, who broke out in applause at the trucks’ arrivals. The members of the City Council climbed out of the truck, waving at those who had gathered on the wet grass. Fire crew members raised the truck’s ladder, where a massive American flag swayed in the breeze.

“Welcome everybody,” said Davis. “Thank you for coming. If I could have our Mayor and Council come and join me on stage please.”

The Council members filed onto the stage next to Davis and stood facing the crowd. Davis introduced herself, before handing the microphone over to Mayor Pamela Kimball.

“Good morning everybody,” said Kimball. “Welcome to the grand opening of the Lindsay Sports Complex and dedication of Lindsay’s new fire truck. It’s an honor for me to stand here with the other members of Lindsay City Council.”

Kimball introduced each Council member and County Supervisor Kuyler Crocker.

“These people have done so much for our town,” continued Kimball. “They really have been all about Lindsay and have served to benefit everyone here.” 

Kimball went on to explain how excited she was to see the new truck out and about. She said when the Sun Tree packing house fire happened two years ago, the city realized the need for a new fire truck, but at that time they couldn’t afford one. She stated that after the city had passed Measure O, a local one cent tax increase, the truck was able to be purchased.

She thanked the Lindsay Fire Truck Museum for keeping the oldest fire truck in useable conditions.

“I want you to note that the two trucks, the old one and the new one, look a little similar,” said Kimball. “That was on purpose so we could tie in old with the new.”

Kimball transitioned into speaking about the complex. She reminisced on the time when the complex was once a golf course, and said the soccer fields will hopefully get much more use. She pointed out that one hole from the course had been saved, so those who wanted to practice golfing still can.

“We want our park to be used by everybody and to be well-used,” said Kimball. “This is a step forward for us, and we’re excited today to be able to open these fields.” 

A red ribbon was rolled out in front of the Council members and Kimball took hold of the scissors. 

“We officially dedicate the new fire truck for the service of the City of Lindsay,” said Kimball. “Now we will officially cut the ribbon for the Lindsay Sports Complex, and as we cut this ribbon we will officially open the Lindsay Sports Complex for the use of the public.”

The ribbon was cut and the audience broke out into a round of applause.

Kimball passed the microphone back to Davis, who introduced Isaias Cabrera, coach of the Lindsay High School JV girls soccer team. The JV team was out on the fields getting ready to assist with the soccer clinic.

“There is love in this community,” said Cabrera. “I’m glad we got these soccer fields here. We are building up little by little.”

Once Cabrera had finished speaking, Davis took the microphone one last time to announce that the clinic was now open. Children cheered and ran towards the open soccer field, eager to kick the ball around. 

The group of children warmed up before running basic soccer drills with Cabrera and the JV team. Three girls stood in the goal post, trying to block the balls that were kicked toward them.

Soon, the group of kids were split up into two teams and a scrimmage began. Kids of all skill levels ran up and down the wet field, giggling with cold noses and rosy cheeks. 

Now that the complex is officially opened, the Council and city staff members are looking forward to seeing the fields in use. The complex is a piece of the city the Council had been working hard to bring to life, and they are optimistic about what the future holds for the complex.

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