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Chihuahuas unveil New Concession Food items for 2016 !


El Paso, TX –  Members of the El Paso media got a chance to sample the Chihuahas’ new concession items before the first pitch of the new season.

   Team officials on Wednesday afternoon unveiled five of the new nine items that will be available throughout Southwest University Park during the 2016 season, which begins Friday.

   Chihuahua fans will have two new burgers from which to choose. The Pizza Burger ($10) is an Angus burger covered in Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices. If you prefer a little spice, try the new Smoke & Fire Turkey Burger ($10), which is smothered in lime aioli and a chipotle chutney.

   Chef Philida Bill, or “Chef Phili,” who is from Colorado, said the flavors of the Borderland have had more influence her cooking than the Rockies.

   “I’ve done a lot more with different chiles here than I ever have in Colorado,” Chef Bill said. “I’ve met the whole gamut of people. I know the people like spicy, but there are also people who don’t like too spicy as well.”

   Some classic Mexican dishes will also be new to Southwest University Park, including barbacoa tacos ($8). The nachos, however, will come with a twist: barbecue sauce and pulled pork. The BBQ Pork Nachos will cost $11.

   Other new items for 2016 include the carne asada fries, a buffalo tender basket, tacos frijoles (bean tacos), and hand-dipped ice cream.

   “I just appreciate that people are more explorative here as far as what they want to eat,” Chef Bill said. “They’re willing to try more stuff because they have that range of spicy to mild.”

   As always, you can try the Dugout Dog, which is the featured hot dog sold in the visiting team’s home ballpark.

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