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Bozeman Commission approves the plans for northwest sports park !


BOZEMAN, Mont. – An 80-acre empty field off Flanders Mill Road in northwest Bozeman will be the site of the future Bozeman Sports Park soon.

    The Bozeman City Commission approved the master plan in a 5-0 vote Monday night.

    There will be 14 multipurpose sports fields, a central park plaza area and a 2-acre off-leash dog park course. It will also include parking for up to 700 vehicles, along with interconnecting trails and access points.

    The dog park planned will be similar to the one being built near the Bozeman Pond park.

    “We know that teams will be coming for tournaments, and when they come they often bring the family, they often bring the dogs,” said Terry Cunningham, the executive director of the group Run Dog Run. “Having a safe and secure area for dogs to recreate where they’re not fouling up the field or interrupting the games is a real plus for everybody.”

    About $7.5 million is budgeted toward the project. It is worth noting that the Bozeman school district is planning to build a second high school near the sports park.

    With all the plans in place Cunningham says he cannot wait.

    “The west side of town is the fastest growing side of town,” he said. “We know that the lot sizes tend to be a little smaller, so area dog owners really need open spaces to be able to let their dogs off-leash, to play, to socialize and to recreate.”

    Phase one of construction is scheduled to begin this fall with fields becoming available for use in spring 2018.

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