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Beacon’s EXCLUSIVE Weekly Ballfields Tips ! (July)


July 18, 2016        |         |


The football and fall soccer seasons are right around the corner. That means “the painting season” is also about to begin! Have you gone through your painting equipment with a fine-toothed comb to prepare it for the abusive painting season ahead? For those who perform a heavy amount of painting during fall sports, it’s wise to replace all filters and nozzles before the season begins. Also don’t forget to perform your normal preventative engine maintenance for painting machines that use gasoline engines to power the pump. If your paint machines work on battery, check it’s health now and if the strength of the battery is waning it would be best to have another battery on hand for when the battery in service poops out. Finally, perform a dry run with water (or paint if you like) to be sure your painting machine is operating properly. Have you ordered your paint yet? How about new field stencils? These often take at least a couple weeks to fabricate if you need a custom logo. Bottom line: Be prepared! Visit for more tips and the groundskeeper’s podcast…

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