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Beacon Weekly Exclusive Ballfields Tips !

Beacon Weekly Exclusive Ballfields Tips !

Beacon Weekly Exclusive Ballfields Tips !

May 9, 2016        |     |


With the summer getting ready to make its presence known in a few weeks, now is the time to go through your irrigation system with a fine toothed comb. Make sure that all heads on all lines are operating correctly. On a morning when winds are calm or near calm, check to insure that all heads are turning properly, nozzles are clear and the arc adjusted for proper coverage with deflection where needed. Perform an audit of your irrigation system to make sure that your output and coverage of water is as even as possible. Change nozzles as needed to adjust your irrigation rates according to the results of your irrigation audit. When the heat and high evapotranspiration season hits, you’ll be glad you have your irrigation system ready to keep your turf in tip top condition.

Scuffle Hoe 10% OFF

Excellent for edging, cultivating, aerating, and weeding field turf. Exclusive Scuffle Hoe: use hoe10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru May 15).

Cocoa Mat Hand Drag 10% OFF

A perfect finish. It seemingly floats over topdressing for a pro-style finish — without displacing topdressing or soil. Exclusive Beacon Cocoa Mat Hand Drag (6′ or 4′): use cmat10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru May 15).


Custom Area Tarps … Starting at ONLY $20! — GREAT VALUE! These were returned only because they were not the right size for the end user’s needs. Like-new condition, while supplies last. Custom Area Tarps


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