Archdiocese shakes up Sports Park management !


SAN ANTONIO — The Archdiocese of San Antonio, which won a $16.1 million grant from Bexar County to construct Mission Concepcion Sports Park, has forced out its top managers after more than a year of operating losses.

The archdiocese is responsible for booking amateur sports events there for the next four decades. And while nobody expected it to earn a profit so soon, its cancellation of contracts after changing management has sent ripples through the amateur sports community.

“I refuse to play there anymore,” said Gil Martinez, Texas director for Orlando-based Youth Basketball of America, who estimated the facility would lose about $175,000 in yearly business from him, including an international tournament drawing teams from Mexico and South America. “It’s a nice venue. But it’s not the only venue in town.”

Source:   . . . BY ABE LEVY 


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