A local winter sports park is attracting many people despite warm temperatures !


Snowstar winter sports park gives some kids some excitement after Christmas.

It may be much warmer than normal in December, but it did not stop people from heading to Snowstar Winter Sports Park in Andalusia, IL. Monday. People enjoyed a variety of winter activities at the park, including skiing, snow boarding and tubing. The park just opened for the season a few weeks ago, which is a much earlier start than last year. 

 Staff at Snowstar said 19 degrees seems to be the magical number when is comes to making their snow, but warmer temperatures are attracting more people.They call it “spring skiing”; the snow is a little slushy and soft but people are still making the best of it.

 “I’d like to describe this as spring skiing, it’s a little bit warm, it’s a little slushy, the snow is kind of soft but they’re out here still making the best of it; so we’re all having fun,” said general manager Dan McCanna.

 General manager Dan McCanna said it’s nice to see the park making a contribution to many people’s holiday gifts as well. 

“A lot of people get ski gear and boarding gear for Christmas. We have a lot of regulars I’ve seen here today with new gear on, so it’s nice to see that they’re out sporting the new that they’ve got,” McCanna said.

 It may be the holiday season, but people are finding more ways than one to have fun this year.

 “Skiing has always been something I’ve loved to do and it’s always been kind of a passion of mine. I’ve been at college and I haven’t found a lot of time to come out and be able to do what I love to do. This has been one of the first chances I’ve had, and I really wanted to take advantage of it in this beautiful weather we have today with it being so warm,” said skier Logan Nelson.

 Nelson said the warm weather actually makes it easier to ride the slopes.

 “It’s just a lot easier to be more comfortable, you have to wear less layers, you don’t feel like you’re freezing the entire time. You can have more fun and feel alittle more natural, rather than all bulked up and stiff because you’re wearing so many different layers,” said Nelson. 

 Snowstar staff said they try their best to groom the snow and keep the slopes user friendly. They hope to continue attracting people despite fluctuating weather conditions.

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