“Ballfield Dimension & Reference Guide” by Beacon !


Beacon Athletics has just released the latest update (version 2.3) of its highly sought after “Ballfield Dimension & Reference Guide”.  It is a must-have information source for architects, contractors, and most of all, ballfield groundskeepers.  The booklet is written by Beacon’s own Paul Zwaska who is the former Baltimore Orioles Head Groundskeeper (1985 – 2000).

  The guide contains a wealth of knowledge pertaining to designing, building and maintaining baseball and softball fields.  The 32-page booklet is updated every 2 years in order to maintain up-to-date changes on any field dimensions by various baseball and softball governing bodies.

 The guide not only provides an extensive listing of dimensions for both baseball and softball, but also contains information on space needs for fields, step by step layout instructions, warning track design, instructions on proper installation of base anchors and pitching rubbers, infield soil information and recommended specifications and much, much more.

 If you deal with ballfields, this is one reference guide you can’t live without.”

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* Beacon Athletics is a SODA National Associate Member.

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