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A State of Kansas – 501-C-3 – National Non-Profit Organization

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Sportsplex Operators & Developers Association (SODA) was founded in 1981, when at a meeting in Hutchinson, Kan., the need for a new national service organization devoted to sports facilities was recognized. Seventy sports complex owners and recreation directors in attendance felt the sports governing bodies were targeted toward participants and teams, and little was geared toward facility owners, directors and operators.

Working with the public and private sector, SODA was created to provide the softball and recreational facilities it services with programs and benefits which would help make them successful.

In a move reflecting the diverse interests of members, in 1994 SODA changed its name to “Sportsplex Operators & Developers Association.” Today the association welcomes not only groups and facilities involved in softball, but those with operations in other recreational sports such as baseball, basketball, flag/touch football, soccer and volleyball, etc. Suppliers, facility designers and builders are also welcomed.

SODA is headquartered in Rochester, New York. Policy decisions are made by SODA’s board of directors. It is a national service, non-profit 501-C3 organization.

The SODA Mission Statement

    • To provide its members with opportunities for exchange of experiences, ideas and opinions through discussion, study and publications.
    • To provide education in the techniques and theories of amateur sportsplex management and operation.
    • To conduct and provide National Surveys and results.
    • To develop high standards of professional service.
    • To hold meetings and conferences for the mutual benefit of members.
    • To edit and publish newsletters and other informational material which can be utilized by the membership to enhance the operation of their facility or program.
    • To promote an environment in which member organizations can develop successful working relationships with national and local businesses which provide products and services used by the facilities.
    • To provide member groups with promotional ideas which increase participation and maximize use of the facility.
    • To promote the amateur sportsplex industry.
    • To establish and maintain a mutual sharing of ideas with national sportsplex organizations, and other national groups dedicated to the promotion of recreational amateur sports.
  • To broaden the public’s understanding of the amateur sportsplex industry.
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