Beacon Weekly Field Tips For You !

 Beacon Weekly Field Tips For You !


When scarifying or nail dragging your infield skin, never penetrate deeper than the depth of a baseball cleat (about 3/8″). The same holds true with the depth of your topdressing material on an infield skin. We want a loose “cushioning layer” on the surface of an infield to provide some resiliency but you don’t want to compromise the firm base needed for traction. An excessive topdressing layer or nail scarification ( > than 1/2″ depth) will decrease or eliminate the traction that players need. This will increase the risk for groin, hamstring, leg, knee and ankle injuries.

3′ x 5′ Steel Mat Drag 10% OFF

Perfect for grooming your field. This 3′ x 5′ steel mat drag with leveling bar also has a bar riveted to the lead edge for stiffness & strength. Exclusive Steel Mat Infield Drag: use steel10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru May 1).

Mound Slope Gauge 10% OFF

The essential tool for a proper mound slope. Includes a heavy-duty aluminum alignment gauge, metal ruler, two support rods, storage container, and instructions. Exclusive Beacon Mound Slope Gauge: use slope10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru May 1).


1-1/2 Inch Hose Nozzle … SAVE $35! — Hose nozzle for 1-1/2 inch hose. Like-new condition. 1-1/2 Inch Hose Nozzle


FREE! YES, Beacon’s Groundskeeper U is now available free … It’s the perfect online tool for teaching new staff, league volunteers, and summer help. Signup for your free user account today! Signup for Groundskeeper University: New User Account Activation


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New Long Island Sports Park in Calverton plans ‘Riverhead Community Day’ to kick off grand opening on April 30 !

Calverton, NYFamily fun, fitness and adventure are the name of the game at the new Long Island Sports Park on Edwards Avenue in Calverton. The 80-acre facility, situated on the grounds of the former Calverton Links Golf Course, will open on April 30 with a ‘Riverhead Community Day’ during which all are welcome and visitors can sample a wide variety of games and activities for free.

The Riverhead Community Day event will run from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m.

“This is just a fun way to introduce ourselves to the local community and let everyone see what we’ve done to get up and running,” said owner Dean Del Prete. “There are so many activities going on here that we figured the best way for people to get to know us is to try some for free.”

Free activities to sample on Riverhead Community Day will include:

  • Mini-Golf
  • Foot Golf (instead of using clubs, players kick a ball into a 21-inch cup)
  • No Putt Golf (players use only wedges to chip the ball into a 21-inch cup)
  • Paint Ball Shooting Booth
  • Bubble Palooza Party Pit
  • Survival Race Demonstration
  • Kids Obstacle Course
  • Face Painting
  • Make-Up Artists

In the months ahead, Long Island Sports Park also plans to hold music and art festivals, offer Bubble, Mud, Color and other theme runs, host a Zombie Festival and lay out a Nature Trail.


“It’s going to be a lot of fun around here,” said Del Prete, “and it all starts with Riverhead Community Day. Come on out and join us for this epic event. If you don’t feel like running around, you can always relax on the rolling golf fields, listen to great music or enjoy a picnic lunch. There will also be food available for purchase and the paintball fields will be open to paying customers.”

Long Island Sports Park is committed to supporting Riverhead and its surrounding communities. Our core philosophy is to encourage families to get out and participate in fun, friendly and healthy activities. The park is located on the former Calverton Links property at 149 Edwards Avenue in Calverton.

Long Island Sports Park is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.  Click here for additional information. Click here to find it on Facebook.



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The Q-LED GameChanger™ is the first high performance sports lighting system designed for all sports venues, from Little League fields to professional sports stadiums with a focus on great connectivity and functionality at affordable pricing.

   Qualite today introduced the Q-LED GameChanger™, the new generation of sports lighting designed and manufactured in Michigan. Q-LED GameChanger™ features a new linear design producing up to 75% energy savings over the existing standard metal halide technology. Qualite’s Q-LED GameChanger™ features proprietary optics with built-in glare control yielding beam shapes engineered for sports lighting, low power consumption, high energy efficiency, fully integrated wiring (no exposed wiring), and “sunlight” color temperature.
   “The Q-LED GameChanger™ is the first high performance sports lighting system designed for all sports venues, from Little League fields to professional sports stadiums with a focus on great connectivity and functionality at affordable pricing”, said Eric Boorom, Qualite Owner.
   The architectural appeal of the new linear design eliminates the need for cross-arms allowing for easier, cost effective installation (Plug and Play) for new projects as well as those venues focused on energy savings through retrofitting any and all existing sports lighting manufacturers’ systems.
   Q-LED GameChanger™, operates through Q-LED Control™, a scalable, site-based or cloud-based device connectivity through a robust, self-healing, wireless mesh network.
   The modular design of the Q-LED GameChanger™ makes it the first system in the industry to be fully upgradable including both the hardware and the software, based on the remotely located driver and controls design.
   Q-LED GameChanger™ is now available across the United States and around the world. You can contact a Qualite Sports Lighting Representative in your area by visiting
   Qualite has been the Sports Lighting Partner for high schools, colleges, parks and recreation departments, and minor and major league professional sports franchises for over 30 years.
   Q-LED GameChanger™ – The New Generation of Sports Lighting.
   Watch Q-LED GameChanger™ Introduction Video





City of McFarland, CA. receives $25,000 grant for new sports park !

Filling a need for more sports facilities in the city, McFarland is constructing a new park that will include a skate park, baseball diamond and soccer field.

    The soccer field will have a state of the art drainage system and, thanks to a $25,000 grant from the U.S. Soccer Foundation, LED lighting.

   “The U.S. Soccer Foundation is proud to support these organizations that are working to give children safe play spaces,” said Ed Foster-Simeon, President & CEO of the U.S. Soccer Foundation. “With safe and accessible places to play, children have the ability to reach their full potential while enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.”


   The completion of the field cannot come soon enough for Demitrio Perez, a coach and father of a young soccer player.

   “It’s not enough, these two fields,” he said, referring to the fields at Browning Road Park, currently the only two fields for recreational soccer in McFarland.

   Aside from being constantly crowded, the overuse of the fields has caused another problem – they’re mostly dirt.

   “I wanna play on grass. And not like, dirt,” said Christian Rios, a u-14 player who was excited for the new park to open.

   McFarland’s Planning Director, Dennis McNamara, said the city was well aware of the need for more athletic facilities, especially on the east side of the city.

   “McFarland was split by highway 99. There became the east side and the west side. We’re trying to make it all one McFarland,” said McNamara while looking over the extensive park, situated on 12 acres on Sherwood Road on the city’s east side.

   Named after the coach who inspired the movie, “McFarland, USA,” Jim White “Blanco” Park will feature an outdoor amphitheater, water park and other amenities in addition to the sports fields.

   McNamara said, the park will also become connected to other parts of the city by walking trails and bike paths, funded by separate grants.


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BEACON’S Weekly Ballfields EXCLUSIVES !

This week’s featured tip and products…
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April 18, 2016        |         |


When it comes to tamping, you CAN increase the power of your tamping strokes without physically working harder. How? By decreasing the size of the tamp head on your tamp. When you exert energy from your body on your downward stroke with the tamp, the larger the tamp head the more you spread out the energy or decrease the pounds per square inch of force applied at the plate head. So in order to get the same amount of downward pressure of a 4″ x 6″ tamp head with an 8″ x 8″ tamp head, you will have to exert 2.5 times more energy in your downward stroke for the same level of compaction.

SweetSpot Tamp System 10% OFF

This is not your father’s tamp. No more swollen hands and aching back. It’s the classic groundskeeper’s tamp, reinvented. And, it’s now on sale for a limited time!  Exclusive SweetSpot Field Tamp System: use sweet10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru April 24).

5′ Rubber On-Deck Circle 10% OFF

These durable 1/2″ thick recycled rubber on-deck circles are available in four sizes, but the 5′ circle is on sale this week! Exclusive 5′ Recycled Rubber On-Deck Circle: use ondeck10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru April 24).


Batter’s Box Liner … SAVE $95! — This discontinued item is available in two sizes — baseball 4 x 6 or softball 3 x 7. Discontinued — great opportunity! Like-new condition. Batter’s Box Liner

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Chihuahuas unveil New Concession Food items for 2016 !


El Paso, TX –  Members of the El Paso media got a chance to sample the Chihuahas’ new concession items before the first pitch of the new season.

   Team officials on Wednesday afternoon unveiled five of the new nine items that will be available throughout Southwest University Park during the 2016 season, which begins Friday.

   Chihuahua fans will have two new burgers from which to choose. The Pizza Burger ($10) is an Angus burger covered in Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices. If you prefer a little spice, try the new Smoke & Fire Turkey Burger ($10), which is smothered in lime aioli and a chipotle chutney.

   Chef Philida Bill, or “Chef Phili,” who is from Colorado, said the flavors of the Borderland have had more influence her cooking than the Rockies.

   “I’ve done a lot more with different chiles here than I ever have in Colorado,” Chef Bill said. “I’ve met the whole gamut of people. I know the people like spicy, but there are also people who don’t like too spicy as well.”

   Some classic Mexican dishes will also be new to Southwest University Park, including barbacoa tacos ($8). The nachos, however, will come with a twist: barbecue sauce and pulled pork. The BBQ Pork Nachos will cost $11.

   Other new items for 2016 include the carne asada fries, a buffalo tender basket, tacos frijoles (bean tacos), and hand-dipped ice cream.

   “I just appreciate that people are more explorative here as far as what they want to eat,” Chef Bill said. “They’re willing to try more stuff because they have that range of spicy to mild.”

   As always, you can try the Dugout Dog, which is the featured hot dog sold in the visiting team’s home ballpark.

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Countless volunteer hours, donations help complete new concessions, office building at Bear Creek Sports Park !

  • The first full week of April at Bear Creek Sports Park brought back the familiar sounds of baseball and softball teams getting ready for their first games. The athletes and their relatives will be able to grab a snack or drink more easily this year, thanks to a new concessions and office building.
  • Mike Jeffries, a volunteer and Northeast Power employee, smooths gravel out for the parking lot near the new concessions/office building at Bear Creek Sports Park.
    TREVOR MCDONALD/COURIER-POSTMike Jeffries, a volunteer and Northeast Power employee, smooths gravel out for the parking lot near the new concessions/office building at Bear Creek Sports Park. Donations and volunteer work from throughout the community made the project possible.

    Hannibal, Mo.- The first full week of April at Bear Creek Sports Park brought back the familiar sounds of baseball and softball teams getting ready for their first games. The athletes and their relatives will be able to grab a snack or drink more easily this year, thanks to a new concessions and office building.

    The concessions stand was in operation and selling cold snacks and beverages, thanks to countless hours of volunteer work and numerous donations throughout the community. After discovering a looming sewer issue at the old concessions building, Park Board members decided a new, centrally-located building would serve as the best option for everyone who came out to play or watch games. As the building’s completion drew near, future plans would focus on accessibility throughout the park, with over 1,000 feet of walkways connecting the concessions area to each field, Park Board Manager Dusty Wilson said.

    Wilson and fellow volunteers worked through the fall and winter to make sure the new building was ready for softball and baseball season. Wilson said the exterior of the building was 99 percent complete, and some detail work remained inside, like installing base trim and partitions in the restrooms.

    On Saturday, April 9, Northeast Power employee Mike Jeffries used a boom lift to hook electricity up for the lights on Field 4. Jeffries also used an end loader to smooth out a new gravel parking lot near the building.

    “These guys at Northeast Power have been super to us,” Wilson said.

    He expressed thanks for all of the volunteers, donors, organizations and businesses that contributed to a successful new facility with a spacious concessions area, office, delivery area and modern restrooms. Board Vice President Keith Long worked alongside Wilson to keep the project moving forward, Prestige Realty donated the cabinets inside, local electrical union members installed wiring and electrical fixtures and Economy Plumbing took care of the plumbing installation. Overhead Door provided a large delivery door and a pull-down cover for the concession area windows, and Lomax Trucking donated rock. Big River Heating and Cooling, Central Stone, Springfield Electric, the Riedel Foundation, Rotary Club, General Mills and Lowe’s also provided donations for the project, and James O’Donnell and Midwest Railroad provided t-shirts for the teams.

    Thanks to the lighting for Field 4 and the new building, Bear Creek Sports Park welcomed teams from Center, New London, Palmyra and Perry to play at the park for 2016 — which also opened the door for local teams to play in neighboring communities, Wilson said.

    Wilson said the building’s cost would have been “astronomical” without the outpouring of local support and labor for construction and installation tasks. He said the new building marked a “huge step” for the park, as board members looked to the future and boosting accessibility with the proposed walkways.umpire

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Beacon’s Weekly EXCLUSIVES !

April 11, 2016        |         |


Calcined clay drying agents are a necessary tool in any groundskeeper’s work shed. But use it properly as the cost of these materials can add up quickly if over applied. If there is standing water on any of the skin surfaces, it is important to remove that free water first — but NOT by sweeping it off the skin. Use a large sponge like the Beacon Puddle Sponge to rapidly absorb and dispose of the standing water. If the puddle is really deep, use a puddle pumpfirst. Once all free standing water is removed, then you can apply your drying agent sparingly, and lightly rake it in. You can always add more.

Pro Tarp Pins Bucket 10% OFF

They highly visible orange pins won’t get lost in your grass, only to have your mower find them. Pro Tarp Pins Beacon Bucket includes 50 pins and tips & instructions for handling stakes & tarps. Exclusive Pro Tarp Pins Beacon Bucket: use propin10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru April 17).

6′ Cocoa Mat Infield Hand Drag 10% OFF

A perfect finish. The Cocoa Mat Hand Drag seemingly floats over topdressing for a pro-style finish — without displacing topdressing or soil. Exclusive 6’W Cocoa Mat Hand Drag: use cocoa10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru April 17).


TUFFscreen 8×8 FUNGO INFIELD SCREEN … SAVE $249! — This is an older model of our professional grade TUFFscreen infield 8×8 fungo screen. Great value! Like-new condition.  TUFF screen 8×8 Fungo Infield Screen

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cedar Point, OH adding sports park complex !


Cedar Point, OH is about to get sporty. The Sandusky, Ohio-based amusement park will begin construction on its new Cedar Point Sports Center this Friday.

   Phase one of the development project, located on outside the park on Cleveland Road in Sandusky, will include an outdoor sporting facility called Sports Force Parks bringing together nine multi-purpose, synthetic turf fields, four NCAA regulation baseball fields, a championship baseball and softball stadium, eight NCAA regulation soccer and lacrosse fields, sport-specific training areas and an ADA-accessible community-use field.

   The Cedar Point Sports Center, managed by Sports Force Parks, will also offer a “great lawn” and promenade with miniature golf, a ropes adventure course, a bungee trampoline challenge, a playground and food and beverages.

   “Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center will be a world-class destination for sports-focused families,” said Jim Arnold, director of Business Development for The Sports Force & Fields, Inc., in a news release. “Our mission to combine sports, family and fun will bring young athletes and their families from across the country and provide them with the opportunity to combine a sports tournament with a family vacation,” 


   Phase two of the project’s development will include adding bike trails along the waterfront along with spots to take in the views of Lake Erie and Cedar Point.

   Construction on Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center will begin at a groundbreaking ceremony at 2 p.m. Friday.

   The park expects construction to be complete in the fall of 2016 with the Sports Center opening in the spring of 2017.


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This Weeks Field Tips From Beacon Athletics !

This Weeks Field Tips From Beacon Athletics !

April 4, 2016        |         |


If after a rain you decide that you need to deeply nail drag or scarify your infield to dry it out, you’d better be very careful. By doing so you have just introduced a lot of pore space (air space) into the top layer of your infield. If you get another rain later that day your field will likely be even more soft afterwards as the rain water will find a home in all of that pore space. If you feel you have to be aggressive to dry out your field, then it would be advisable to go back and roll that infield firm again right after you dry it out and drag it. Always remember, the more firm your infield skin is, the easier it is to recuperate after a rain.

Constant Flow Nozzle 10% OFF

High-quality multi-purpose nozzle designed for hand watering applications. Nozzle for 1″ hose. Exclusive Constant Flow Nozzle: use flow10during checkout (one-week offer valid thru April 10).

Pro Rigid Steel Mat Drag 10% OFF

Speedy between-innings touchups and pre-game prep. Designed by our head groundskeeper. Its leading edge levels surfaces while the slightly angled rigid steel skims over the field. Exclusive 6’W Professional Rigid Steel Mat Drag: use rigid10 during checkout (one-week offer valid thru April 10).


CUSTOM AREA TARPS … SAVE UP TO $200! These custom area tarps were returned only because they were not the right size for the end user’s needs. Like-new condition.  Custom Area Tarps

Join us for OPENING DAY!

Another season is upon us, and we’re ready. If you’re in the Madison-Middleton area come out tomorrow for Beacon’s Opening Day Celebration, Tuesday, April 5, from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm. Come by for a tailgating cookout (brats, soda & chips) & more.  Beacon Athletics, 8233 Forsythia St., Suite 120, Middleton, Wisconsin. RSVP NOW!


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